Cocuy, mountain, and culture 4 days 3 nights

Day 1

Flora and fauna sighting trail

From the smallest orchid in the world to one of the 3 endemic pine tree species in Colombia, is what Pnaqueba has to offer you, on Franco’s natural reserve, where you are going to do the “Cacique de la Montaña” hike experience, which will also be the acclimatization hike at 3,300 m.a.s.l. There you will be able to see the 21 peaks of the Sierra Nevada, besides +40 orchid species and an endless number of birds that will make this a unique experience connecting with Nature.

Accommodation: “El Cacique de la Montaña” hotel

Difficulty: Medium

Day 2

Acclimatization hike

In Guican, at 3700 m.a.s.l, you will find some endemic flora species, and enjoy the view of the Sierra Nevada. Laguna Ciega is characterized as a space of typical paramo vegetation where you can observe several frailejones of different sizes.

Accommodation: Güicán rural hotel.

Difficulty: Medium

Day 3

Sierra nevada del Cocuy, Güicán and Chita

Ascent to the edge of the glacier by any of the 3 trails that go up to 5,000 m.a.s.l. (subject to availability) on an approximately 10-hour hike, where you will be able to appreciate frailejones, bodies of water, and unique landscapes of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy.

Accommodation: Cocuy rural hotel.

Difficulty: High

Day 4

Craftsman for a day
Discover ancestral knowledge along our master craftsmen, on the route of roll basketry. In Guacamayas, the town of the thousand colors, you will learn about the product that has obtained the Colombian designation of origin (fique and straw crafts), and Guacamaya’s espadrille, winner of the l Orgullo Perdido (Lost Pride) Award, you will also enjoy a tour through the different trails and the town parks where you will appreciate the optimization of waste solids of the region.

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