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We are a travel agency dedicated to exalting the cultural and natural heritage of Colombia.

We preserve the heritage of the region with initiatives to protect natural resources and conserve the environment. Our tourism plans promote local human resources, generating employment, exchanging knowledge, creating alliances that boost sustainable tourism in the region.


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Convite Travel is a travel agency operator that offers packages focused on ecological, community and biocultural tourism in the department of Boyacá, Colombia.

We offer unique, all-inclusive tour packages at competitive prices. Focused on showing the beauty of Boyacá, inspired by its diverse geography, people and crafts in the area.

Our travelers will find an immersive experience in nature through hiking trails through the mountains and staying in rural inns where they will enjoy native cuisine, discovering ways to protect the environment, preserving local culture and heritage.

Our work positions tourism in Boyacá as a source of real income that directly benefits the farmers of the region, increasing the benefits for local communities, promoting generational change and the permanence of young people in the rural environment.

Convite Travel meets the highest standards of responsible tourism articulated by government policies, providing travelers with safe, memorable and authentic experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

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